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Icky Sticky Frog.

30 Apr


This week’s book was Icky Sticky Frog. We have enough copies for each student to hold their own (the tongue/fly attachment on the book is quite the hit), which they always like! Gives us a nice chance to review some of our academic vocabulary (cover, title, author, illustrator, back cover, etc). It’s a nice story for sequencing/recalling: what did the frog eat first? Next? After reading the story we got out a bouncy frog and set up bug visuals around it. The students each got to pick a frog bean bag, bounce it, and label/describe the insect to which their frog landed the closest (e.g. caterpillar: long, green, fuzzy, will be a butterfly). Then we split into two fine motor groups—-one went to make caterpillars with paint, another used tongs to go on a “bug hunt” in two “bean boxes”. Students described the bugs they found. Question of the day: If you could be a bug, what bug would you be (answers were actually pretty great, especially from the students who could answer “why”)? Song: 5 Green & Speckled Frogs

Download: Adaptation of the book (sentence strips). Used to answer wh- questions, expand utterances, target speech sounds (medial /k/, st-, fr-, etc).





Pig & Pancake, II.

6 Mar

I knew I should’ve waited until the end of the week! Well, I probably still should as it’s…Tuesday (I guess this week is feeling long? ;-D), but it’s more doable to dole out a few activities at a time! With our “book of the week” it seems like new, last-minute materials are always being whipped up to add a few minutes to sessions, target a different goal, or promote carryover. So—just in case you’d find them helpful—-here are a few more downloads. Hoping to print/laminate the “why” questions & answers later this week. I think just having this blog is inspiring me to create more materials, which is awesome. It has been wonderful seeing posts shared on pinterest and hearing of SLPs sharing the blog with their colleagues! I think it’s a great way for me to keep my materials organized and growing and—as long as someone else is benefiting from it—-it’s very worth it! Anyway—hope you have a reason to read If You Give a Pig a Pancake soon with your students.

Click on the photos below to grab the PDFs!

With some of my students I make up a simple cover and put together a little book of materials related to our story. Especially for some of my kids with older siblings, they love having some sort of “homework” or a “book” to read to their families!