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Lunch by Denise Fleming

19 Mar

This week in our motor/speech/language group we’re reading Lunch by Denise Fleming—-one of my favorites! It’s a wonderful book for targeting fruits & vegetables and for making predictions & inferences, and carries over content from last week’s book, in which Bear ate a whole lot of food. My school placement supervisor, Mary, busted Lunch out for a preK large-group lesson back in 2010 and I’ve loved finding ways to utilize it ever since! Nerdy info: my mom ordered me a used copy off Amazon last year for Christmas and it just happened to be signed by the author! Win. 😉

Very possible I’ll share more materials as the week goes on, but for now here are some downloads/ideas for how we’ve used the story:

-Boardmaker visuals to go along with the story: Part I, Part II

Printable book I made to go along with the story (target colors/fruits/veggies/expanding utterances! Have student fill in circle w/appropriate color)

SMARTBoard activity using food from the story; matching colors + items

“Why Question” visuals for Lunch

Play-based: had the kids feed an alligator puppet plastic fruits/veggies of their choosing after saying a sentence (target: “Eat the…yellow banana”, though was pleasantly surprised with some of our kids busting out utterances along the lines of “Mr. Alligator, would you like one yellow banana? And then another banana?”). Have also used this with categorizing fruits/veggies—e.g. have the puppet ONLY want to eat veggies.

Awesome sandwich-sequencing game from Melissa & Doug. Have students label all the possible sandwich ingredients and then take turns building a sandwich from the card, providing assistance as needed.

-More fruits/veggies: Boardmaker visuals (recommend printing/laminating/velcroing so kids can sort onto veggie or fruit board), SMARTBoard activity to categorize (made by Jordan)



6 Mar

I’ll keep it short and sweet today. Just thought I’d share the visual I made yesterday to go with today’s Lego activity. The students I had in mind are working on /g/ in the middle of words, but could also be used for students targeting /l/ at the beginning of words (or s-blends for “I spy”). No re-inventing the wheel here—-we just practiced “spying” Legos using the sentence strip and then built whatever the students wanted. I kept the box of Legos behind me and each student had to request the Legos to get more materials for their creations (I want three green Legos, I need a big blue Lego). Could also certainly be used to target expanding utterances, using attributes (big/little, long/short, color, quantity, etc), pronouns (He wants 2 red legos. I want a blue one). Always eager to hear play-based activities for articulation—-would love to hear yours!