A Fly Eatin’ Old Lady.

5 Apr

This week’s book was “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.” In our large group, we read the story (having the kids predict what animal she would eat next and practice sequencing—-which animal did she eat first? next? last?) and then retold it using a felt board/props. During the story we had each kid hold a prop (animal) and, when they heard theirs, come up and feed it to the Old Lady puppet we had (similar to this). With the felt board, we had the kids try to remember all the animals in order with no visuals. They were actually pretty darn awesome at this (especially for it being the first day after break!). We also took away an animal or two and checked to see if they could tell us which one was missing. Question of the day: Which animal from the story was your favorite (no visuals, though of course would’ve provided if needed)? Snack: apple slices + marshmallows (count out 5!) to make a mouth & teeth. We also have some great Scholastic DVDs and had the chance to watch the story at the end of our group. Highly recommend these!

In the artic arena, the repetitious nature of the story made targeting sw- (swallowed)/sp- (spider), /k/ (cow, cat) —or plenty of other sounds— easy! And here are a couple materials I made: a sheet with all the animals from the story for cutting them out/sequencing them, a sheet with the animals and “She ate _____” visual (which I sent home with all of my classroom kids).

P.S. Stumbled across Consonantly Speaking’s resource page yesterday and am excited to look through the many, many SLP blogs listed! If you’re loving any blogs (or have started your own), would love to hear about them!


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