Gratitude, Spot, & Break.

23 Mar

First of all, I was so flattered and excited to be featured over on Playing With Words 365’s Thrifty Thursday post this week! Check out this week and the archives for great ideas on the cheap! Starting up a blog can sometimes feel slow—-how do you get the word out? Are people benefiting from what you post? But this week it has felt great to see lots of visitors (welcome! so happy to have you here). Thanks also to PediaStaff for featuring Elena Marie, SLP on their boards.

I’m off to enjoy one of the perks of being a school-based SLP: Spring Break! Leaving you with a printable book I made yesterday, clearly inspired by Where’s Spot? by Eric Hill. My (25-year-old) copy of the book is ripped to pieces—always have to tell my kids that “baby Miss Elena” wasn’t a very good book owner. Whoops. Used it with a student working on spatial concepts & s-blends. Click on the photo below for some sp- visuals as well (it’s one of my favorite sounds, since you also get SpongeBob and Spiderman ;-D).

Happy Spring Break!


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