St. Patty’s Day.

15 Mar

I kind of dropped the ball on any St. Patrick’s Day activities this year. But I did have a few extra minutes at lunch, so my afternoon students got to enjoy a little bit o’ Irish fun! I put up some of the pages from this “Shamrocks Everywhere” printable book from “Chapel Hill Snippets” around the room and worked on “sh” initial with one of my groups. We went around the room spotting shamrocks and then hunted down some hidden “speech shamrocks”. I just die-cut some and pasted on artic pictures (other group was working on final /z/ today). I really want to laminate simple materials like this for future use, but for today these went home with the kids (they all seemed very excited to hide them at home. One of my three-year-olds even exclaimed how “sneaky” she was going to be).

I loved checking out Speech Lady Liz’s St. Patty’s Day activity round-up. Here’s a cute craft idea featured on Speech Room News. And this powerpoint is one of my old favorites from grad school—-have your students find the silly leprechaun and work on spatial concepts! During my preschool placement in grad school I bought a big blue posterboard and pasted on some scenery (rainbow, clouds, grass, sun) + printed some leprechauns, pots of gold. Had the kids follow directions to place the items all over the place (Put the gold under the rainbow! Put the leprechaun next to a cloud). Very easy to make and wound up being a great group activity!

Hope you have some lucky, lovely therapy this week, SLPs!


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