Bear Wants More.

15 Mar

Karma Wilson is another one of our main authors for the year, so we’ve read most of the “Bear” books already. This week’s pick? The spring-themed Bear Wants More, in which the bear just can’t stop eating, and eventually can’t fit back into his own cave.

This week in our speech/motor group we read the story (great opportunities for recall/sequencing: what did bear already eat? what did he eat next?) and then split the class into two groups: one went to work with our OT on their “fishing” skills, the other group stayed with me. I set out a bunch of different-colored “baskets” along with a corresponding sentence strip (e.g. “I put the yellow ____ in the yellow basket”). Each child picked a picture of a fruit or vegetable out of the “mystery bag” , labeled it, and decided which color basket to place it in (most of our kids can easily match colors, but it’s a nice review of a mastered skill!). Then I asked them what they put in the basket—they used the sentence strip to help them if needed. After each child had a turn, I had them brainstorm what other fruits/vegetables could go in the red/blue/green, etc baskets. Visuals made by Kristin.

For our “question of the day” the kids had to vote on which fruit was their favorite (strawberry/orange/grapes) and then had a chance to work on those fine motor skills/attributes by drawing their fruit of choice. We ate granola bars for snack, equating them to the honey cakes from the story.

I made up a simple worksheet (“He wants more _____”) and used it with both my artic and language kids—–for my artic kids, I let them pick any of their target words (e.g. initial /k/: car, cat, kangaroo) and glue them in the empty box to create silly sentences of their choosing (use any Bingo-esque printouts you have or make your own visuals). With my language kids, I made up visuals to go with all the foods from the story. It was also nice pronoun practice/use of third person singular -s. This morning I whipped up a SMARTBoard activity in the same vein to use with my large group—-the kids got to choose which items the bear would want to eat (a mixture of things he actually did eat in the story and the fruits/vegetables we put in baskets) and tell me what bear wanted.

Hope you enjoy! More on the other “Bear books” soon.


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