What Not to Wear: SLP Edition

14 Mar



This weekend I found a gem at my parents’ house: the What Not to Wear themed video a few classmates and I made for our Motor Speech class during the summer of 2009. Just thought other SLPs might enjoy it (or other What Not to Wear fans…I was a hardcore viewer at this point, and we modeled the whole thing after segments from the show…yes, there is an “upset in the hotel room” scene). It’s odd remembering that time in life—-just seeing my appearance throughout the video reminds me of what a busy time it could be/how we pretty much lived at the Speech-Language Pathology Clinic/in the Speech & Hearing building. That said, we had fun with this project and class, and I think you can tell! Well done, ladies. Having any grad school flashbacks?

P.S. While watching this video I decided that current-Elena would consider using a pinwheel (in conjunction with fricatives). Would love it as visual feedback to accompany successful productions (my understanding—reinforced by today’s seminar—is that the key is to avoid practicing  movements without any speech sound practice). Also was reminded that I need to do some reading…don’t want Stacy and Clinton coming for me.

P.P.S. I got to attend a seminar on Childhood Apraxia of Speech in Early Intervention today and loved it. More on that soon!


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