8 Mar

Just a couple of follow-up materials/visuals from the week.

I wound up printing/laminating/velcro-ing the “Where are the pancakes?” sheets I made. It was great for my large and small groups. First gave students a direction (e.g. Put the pancakes on the pig) and then let them pick where to put the pancakes, asking where they put them (checkin’ in on their expressive language). We’ve also talked about different rooms in the house before, so it was a nice extension of that (note to self: add a bathroom, as the pig takes a bubble bath in the story!).

I think the kids really enjoyed putting the pancakes in ridiculous places. I’ll deem it a win, as long as I don’t hear from disgruntled parents whose children dumped pancakes in their beds or threw them at the ceiling. 😉

On the Synonym/Antonym front, here’s a little follow-up worksheet I made to go with the powerpoint presentation.

I’m more or less done with therapy for the week—-but with progress reports due tomorrow I have a long night ahead (and lots of evaluations + parent meetings tomorrow). Ah, the other side of speech-path life. Time to get going!

Please always feel free to request materials on a certain sound or area in the comments or via email—-want to make sure this blog is helpful for readers 🙂


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