6 Mar

I’ll keep it short and sweet today. Just thought I’d share the visual I made yesterday to go with today’s Lego activity. The students I had in mind are working on /g/ in the middle of words, but could also be used for students targeting /l/ at the beginning of words (or s-blends for “I spy”). No re-inventing the wheel here—-we just practiced “spying” Legos using the sentence strip and then built whatever the students wanted. I kept the box of Legos behind me and each student had to request the Legos to get more materials for their creations (I want three green Legos, I need a big blue Lego). Could also certainly be used to target expanding utterances, using attributes (big/little, long/short, color, quantity, etc), pronouns (He wants 2 red legos. I want a blue one). Always eager to hear play-based activities for articulation—-would love to hear yours!


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