Guest Post: My Play Chef Lite

4 Mar

My friend Jenna—-former classmate and fellow speech-language pathologist—-awesomely offered to provide a post on one of her favorite iPad apps: My Play Chef Lite. You can see how she has used it in therapy below, including some great downloads! And, as Jenna is a bilingual SLP, you also get them in Spanish! Thanks for sharing, Jenna!

Apps and iPads are quickly becoming the new “it” thing in therapy.  One of my favorite (and free!) apps is My Play Chef Lite.  It allows you to select a dish (pasta, pancakes, a sandwich, or cupcake) and “make” it.  This involves putting/pouring the ingredients into the bowl, cutting/slicing items, and making choices of what to include in your culinary creation.  I’ve used this app with kids in Pre-K all the way up to 4th grade and they all think it’s great.  Some of my favorite things to do with it are:

  • following directions/auditory memory – I, or other students, order what we want and the other student has to make it to our specifications.  You can spice it up by not using specific words but instead “the red sauce” or “the skinny pasta.”
  • sequencing – I give the student a specific order in which to add ingredients to the bowl.
  • expanding utterances – I ask what kind of ingredient they want and they have to tell me in a complete sentence before I let them put it in, “I want the dark bread.”
  • questions – when working in a group, I sometimes let all the students contribute to one recipe which then let’s me ask lots of who/what/when questions: “Who added the milk?” “What did Johnny put in?”  “When did Sarah add the flour?” etc.

There are so many more possibilities!  The kids LOVE “eating” their food afterwards.  I created some printables to go along with this app.  I plan to laminate mine so we can write all over them with dry erase markers and then wipe it off.  One is a type of “menu” that details all the choices so students can “order” a complete dish.  The chef can circle items as a cue.  The other set of printables can act as a “recipe” for pancakes and cupcakes.  It shows all the ingredients and you can dictate the sequence to the student.  The boxes next to the label can be used to check off items or you can number them as a prompt.  The printables are here in both English and Spanish and include pictures directly from the app for easy reference for the kids.  I’m super excited to start using these in conjunction with the app next week and making it into a more comprehensive activity for my students.  Enjoy!


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