Basic Concepts.

1 Mar

Had a request for activities involving basic concepts. I seem to wind up making some sort of basic concepts activity to tie in with most books (we’re all about the prepositions/attributes, etc over here in PreK!), but just thought I’d post some more general ones I’ve made and links to ones I’ve used.

I have one student who loves all things Thomas the Tank Engine. Here are a few short downloadable books I’ve made for him targeting spatial concepts (under/over, in front/behind, on/off, etc) and attributes (big/little, colors). James, Thomas/Duck, Thomas/Bertie. I’ve also just printed off extra pictures of the engines and had the child either follow directions to hide them around the room (“Put Emily under the table!”) or tell me where he put them (“It’s on my head!”).

SMARTBoard activities (can always be used on your computer, too, if you have Notebook installed): hot vs. cold, inside vs. outside (made by Kristin), big/little + colors (have students put their names on a big/little purple/blue envelope, etc),  big/little animals, big/little + colors with apples (made by Jordan), Autumn spatial concepts (love this one! Made by Kristin). Many of these can be used for following directs as complex as you’d like as well. Find more activities you can download at SMART Exchange.

Other visuals/downloads from around the web: PediaStaff’s “Photos for Concepts of Time & Space”, prepositions on Speaking of Speech, love these Powerpoints by an SLP who attended my alma mater (check out the leprechaun one!). In grad school I LOVED making powerpoints to target spatial concepts—definitely recommend it! Take a student’s favorite cartoon character, etc, and hide them all over the place! 10 free minutes & Google images can accomplish so much sometimes.

A sampling of books I love for spatial concepts: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen (over/under, through), Where’s Spot? by Michael Hill, Jamberry by Bruce Degen (under/over), Where is the Green Sheep? by Megan Fox “I Spy” books.

In terms of apps, I don’t currently have many I use for basic concepts (outside of plenty of big/little animal visuals). I do have the “Prepositions with Milo” one ($3). It’s not my favorite (for preK, anyway, some of the prepositions are a bit challenging), but the kids do love working with Milo the mouse. Other ones: PlayHome Lite, Big or Small Lite, First Phrases Lite.

Hope that’s helpful! Any activities you love? Recommend?


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