Synonyms & Antonyms.

29 Feb

After completely loving my pre-K/Kindergarten internship, I signed on to work with my district’s preK program right after graduation. It has become the age group I feel the most comfortable with, and of course the one for which I’ve collected the most materials. This year, however, my caseload shifted a bit. I now go to two of the local private schools (which are K-8 and K-12) for about 1.5 days a week. While I worked with these populations a bit during my grad school placements, it has felt like a new ball game in a lot of ways. I was drawn into the field by my overall love for language, so it has been really fun to target things like higher-level reading comprehension and synonyms/antonyms.

Favorite tool I found recently? This powerpoint presentation has been awesome for some of my 4th-6th graders. I made up a simple word document to go along with it (premade tables for the students to separate synonyms & antonyms) and also printed out the last few slides for each student when we were finished to use as a review/take-home item. The kids really enjoyed the interactive powerpoint and visuals, and I really got to check for understanding as each student filled out their charts.

Another great source for synonym/antonym worksheets? I also took inspiration from this chart of synonyms; turned it into a game in which the students earned 200 points for each synonym they could tell me, etc.

And here’s one more download—I made up a simple jeopardy game for the students (anything with points involved seems exciting). We played it on a whiteboard, but sent this home for practice.

How do you target synonyms/antonyms with your students? Any sources you love for working with later elementary/middle school students?


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