Welcome (& Kangaroos).

27 Feb

I love finding inspiration on blogs runs by other speech-language pathologists, pinterest, Speaking of Speech…all over the web! I figured I might as well start my own little corner of the speech/language world. While I love contributing to websites like boardmakershare, I don’t think all that many people get to benefit from these activities (love you, Boardmaker, but you’re pricy!). So…here’s hoping starting up this blog will keep me organized and on top of my game! I hope to make it a place where I regularly share materials I’ve whipped up and websites I love.

I’d expect to see a lot of literacy-based activities used in my pre-K program, typically targeting language and articulation. I also work with K-8th grade students for a portion of my week, so will be happy to share great finds for those students as well.

And, just to kick things off, here are a few activities I’m using this week with my pre-K students as we read Does A Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? by Eric Carle (currently $5 at KOHL’S…they’re also selling a few of the Eric Carle stuffed animals). We’ve been using it to label animals, work on big/little, expand utterances, and—with my articulation students—target a variety of speech sounds (e.g. initial /k/, medial /g/, initial/medial/final /f/, multisyllabic). Click to get to the Google Docs. Would LOVE to hear any ideas you have in the comments!


One Response to “Welcome (& Kangaroos).”

  1. Kristine January 31, 2013 at 11:41 am #

    These are fantastic and thank you for sharing!

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